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‘Una y otra vez’ the new video of Ivan Boccolini

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Boccolini was born in Rosario Sta. Fe, Argentina.
After experiencing diverse music styles, Boccolini decided to embarke on a solo project based on his experience of being a musician and a sound engineer, and focusing on hip hop and reggaeton. That’s when in January 2009 he began his carrer as a soloist, recording his first songs and giving shows in different clubs in Argentina.
His experience was great but Boccolinifelt that his music could improve, and it was in November 2010 when he met JUAN PABLO SANCHO alias SUSPENDER,an electronic music producer and owner of EL DORADO RECORDING STUDIO in Rosario-Sta.Fe, that he had the direction of his music style transformed. Ivan´s productions were now focusing on hip hop and mixing it with the different styles of electronic music, and the result was PSYKOLOGO, a record with a lot of diversity that will change the focus on hip hop in Spanish. This álbum was recorded from January 2011 to April 2012 but it wasn´t until 2018 that it was released, because Ivan had to get away from music for personal reasons.
In 2018 Ivan finally returned to music, recording the album ORO, which mixes hip hop, Latin pop and reggaeton. He started his professional career.
His last single is Una y otra vez produced by Yael Tbm and Rama Bosh in 2018. You can find it on all digital platforms.
You can follow his music as Boccolini, in spotify, youtube and instagram.