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Shaolin Gang enters “The Top List” with the new song

Sep 9

Formerly known as Blunt and Real 1, the two artists have changed their name and become familiar with the new Shaolin Gang art.

Turning to a phenomenon on social networks, where they have been overly commented on the noise created a few months ago about the “Qika Jeme” music project, the Shaolin Gang has become extremely active in recent months, publishing successive projects.

Within a 6-month period, Shaolin Gang has released about 8 musical projects, some of which have been part of the classification of the 100 most beautiful songs of modern Albanian music.

“Dubai”, a song released about three months ago, thanks to public votes, has become part of “The Top List” since the first week of publication. This song, which shows the adventures that took place in Dubai, has been able to withstand the classification for 6 consecutive weeks.

“Lean Lean” is another famous musical project of the famous duo, which has attracted public attention since the early days of its release. This artist’s release, which was released about two months ago, has been in “The Top List” for 3 consecutive weeks, without furthering the support of fans.

As we mentioned earlier, Shaolin Gang does not stop after just a week before launching the newest music project titled “VVS”. Thanks to votes from the public, this song was immediately added to the official ranking of the Top Awards but can it resist this ranking? The best answer to this question is the Shaolin Gang fans because they are the ones who decide through their vote whether this song will stay for a long time on the list.

For this week “VVS” ranks in the 90th place.