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The mystery of Flori Mumajes’s relationship with the famous pornstar

Oct 10

The thriller of many hits, Flori Mumajesi, is commenting this time for private life, as Kosovo media have reported that he is expecting to become a father for the first time.

The 36-year-old artist who recently decided to live in Pristina is rumored to be a new love story in the distance with the star of adult movies, 10 years younger, the Albanian called Xhoana, but in the industry the hot movie theater is known as Alby Rydes.

The media first published the exclusive news titled “Flori Mumajesi is becoming a father, pornographic porn star is expecting his child,” to be followed by other media, referring to the nearby sources of the couple, who have tried to keep the connection secret .

According to them, Flori Mumajes is happening the same as the rapper Drake, who also became father for the first time from the relationship with a pornstar. The SevenBizz show has revealed from sources that the adult Albanian star of Alby Rydes is expecting the child of the famous singer.

She is already in the last months of pregnancy and is constantly publishing photographs with her rounded womb, while she looks very happy. According to the same sources of media, the child she is waiting for is exactly Flori Mumajes.


Meanwhile, gasoline fire has been cast by the famous artist named Loco. By a post, he wished Alby for this pregnancy, writing: “Congratulations Alby, I wish you all the best, but you are not a good male but only find Flori Mumajesi with you to fry your belly?” .

On the other hand, in the social network “Instagram”, both follow each other and Flori is the only Albanian artist that Rydes follows amongst the many interested VIP boys. We say this, as often the media have published articles on how Albanian singers were misbehaved after Albanian aristocracy, Alby Rydes, who did “like,” including brothers Getinjo and Mozzik.

It is not known when such a remote secret story of Flori Mumajes has been launched with a 26-year-old porn star who lives in Florida. In April of this year, even though he was still talking about his relationship with the moderator and author of Prive, Liberta Spahiu, he posted an intimate photo with a woman on social networks.

This photo, in turn, was postponed a few months after it was rumored to have been separated from Liberta, so the intimate moment he posted by himself was interpreted as the launch of a new relationship. There was the arm of the songwriter and his tattoo as he embraced the girl dressed in pink. It is not known how history with Libertas may have ended, as they do not follow each other even in social networks.


Meanwhile, Libertas Spahiu, the author of the Prive program, has published an argumentary article through her journalists on the program pages, where she cries out to remember when she might have left her pregnant girl. The article writes: “After a” scary “tranquility, taken from a flurry of Flori Mumayes from social networks and career activities, his name was bent on something that was least expected. Portals reported that the renowned Albanian songwriter is becoming a father, believe me or not, with the porn star Alby Rydes. The Albanian-born Albanian pornstar is expecting a girl and is currently in the 34th week of pregnancy. But, is Flori Mumajesi the father? We can not say this with certainty, but the calendar does not support us in this statement, “is quoted by” Priva “.

“The singer has taken the road to America at the end of May with concerts, while Alby was about 12 weeks pregnant. In the period when Alby was pregnant (late February / early March), she continued to be in America while in the same period, Mumajesi was in concerts in Europe. ‘Prive’ has tried to comment even from the protagonists of this report to confirm or deny it, but has not received any answers at least so far, “concludes this article, while not considering the fact that the spine line may have traveled to Albania, Kosovo, or any European country to meet with Florin.

It is unknown whether Flori has saved this “scoop” from his life to confess in the “Magic Song” where he will compete on the 20th anniversary of the festival.


Known as Alby Rydes, but her true name is Joyce Markaj. Although renounced the actress’s role in red-label films, the former Albanian porn star, nicknamed Alby Rydes, is quite active in social networks.

She told the news that she was becoming a mother with posts in “Instagram”, indicating that she is on the 34th week of pregnancy and the baby she is expected to give will be Scorpio’s horoscope sign, just like she does. About a year ago, the media published her life story, confessed by a boy who claimed to know him closely and said she started it in