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Besi tells what to leave when his daughter sleeps

Oct 10

Yesterday, Bes Kallaku has shown situations that are created at home whenever their daughter Ajka sleeps.

The actor showed humorously that Xhensila did not let her go to the slightest move because she was afraid she would not wake up.

“One day Xhensila was coming to her daughter asleep. I was thrown and I wanted to catch the facettetat on the fridge, when at that moment I slept.Xhensila turns and tells me ‘Shhh that she slept.’ The same thing in that position until theΒ daughter woke up. 2 hours ago I got in the air. Another time ‘Shhh do not get up that it’s sleepy. Hour I want to go to the bathroom. ‘When the daughter wakes up’. I want to breathe. ‘When the daughter wakes up,’ said Besi.

Xhensila has certainly laughed this statement and has posted two videos in the Instastory, which is watched by watching the show as she is laughing.