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My family has always had fantastic body lines

Nov 11

The star of the December edition of InStyle magazine is Latin American star Jennifer Lopez.

The beauty has been provocative in the images made for this magazine exposing the body lines.

According to The Sun, this is one of the sexiest pictures so far of the 49-year-old. Even, it is rated as one of the most seductive images that a woman has exposed to one part of the body.

In spite of this, the singer told the magazine that at the beginning she had not planned to inspire women all over the world.

“I am what I am. In my family, body lines are always fantastic. That’s just part of our culture, “she said.

For women’s rights and awareness, J.Lo said, “I think the most powerful moment has taken place so that women do not hesitate to say what they deserve. I do not understand why a woman can not be a singer, actress and dancer. ”

The singer touched the story of a previous relationship with actor Ben Affleck. She claims it is much easier to get in touch with a male than before.

“He was mad at the time. Now, at least I can tell you who I am. Then everyone believed in what they read in the tabloids, but many times it was not even close to the truth, “says the singer.