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6 things you should not do if you do not want to put your life in vain

Sep 9

Each of us has an average of 27,000 days to live. If we remove one-third of them to sleep and a part for the early years that we do not remember anything, what remains is a pretty low number.

I’m not saying this to annoy you. I mention it because, as the great philosophers have said, in your life when you are aware of the fact that time is short, consider it appropriately and when you value the time properly, you do not want to miss it .

If you really understand how precious your life is, you will try to avoid actions that are spending your hours and years in vain. There are many ways you can spend your time without realizing it and these six are the most dangerous:

1. Surround yourself with the wrong people

There are several ways people can spend their time, such as spending energy by discussing manipulative and narcissistic persons. But one of the most dangerous and also easiest to happen because it is based on goodness and optimism is the attitude to a relationship of any kind with someone, simply because you think the other party will change. This is a sure recipe to waste time in your life.

Kristin Wing states: “Relationships require maintenance, but there is a difference between maintaining a good relationship and trying to force a bad one. When you are completely incompatible with someone (in business or in romance), try to reduce your losses or risk losing much of your limited time. ”

2. Complaint

The time you spend complaining about your problems may seem like an innocent way of spending it, but according to science the effects of the complaint within your head are potentially great. By complaining you oblige your brain to see your negativity more quickly and easily, so you get the feeling of pessimism.

These complaints make it harder for you to be productive and happy.

3. Do not seek help

This is another way of spending your time ineffective, Wang points out. Of course, a request for help may make you look incompetent, but in one case a colleague said, “You seem more incapable of receiving something, simply because you have not asked.”

There are several reasons why we do not seek help, usually because we are very proud or frightened and this is a big waste of time because it prevents you from moving forward.

4. Let other people tell you how to live

According to Bronnie Ware, a nurse who listens to thousands of patients to the inevitable end of life, there is a tremendous remorse. This is a struggle with which most of us face each day, as we live our lives according to the expectations of others, not the way we want it.

“This is the most common regret of everyone,” says Wang. “When people realize that their life is almost over and when we look back and realize how many dreams have remained unfulfilled.”

Similarly, writer Ivan Chan says: “Many people will enter your life, intentionally or not, and try to show you how to live your life. Will you listen? “He asks. “It’s your life and you have only a chance to live, so do not lose it by living dependent on the commands of others.”

5. The pursuit of current happiness

According to science, there are two types of happiness. “The first type, known as Eudaimonic happiness, is happiness associated with a sense of life,” says Abigail Tracy. The second is hedonic happiness, which is just the beautiful beauty you get when you meet a wish (for example, eating a chocolate or buying a new TV).

If you always follow hedonic happiness and do not think about Eudaimonic happiness, then you are probably losing your full potential. (Studies also suggest that you may become more anxious and not happy.) In the end, true joy and joy come from understanding, not from empty pleasures.

6. Deprive yourself of your feelings

All these ways share a common feature and it is that we follow them with good intentions. We complain all the time. We allow other people to tell us what to do. We stand in a bad relationship with the love we have or the optimism that the other person will change.

This sixth might sound like a clever strategy: Life is like a roller coaster, so depriving yourself of feelings may seem like a way to stop the possible pains. But it’s also an extraordinary way to waste time